Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tide Pools

A few weeks ago we went on a little adventure with our friends the Couch's. We drove down to the tide pools in Half Moon Bay. We've been down to Half Moon Bay a few times but we never made it to the tide pools. It was so much fun to see all the little sea creatures. Next time we'll have to go when it's a little warmer.

The cute Couch family

There were so many Amnemonemomnes:)

All the sea lions from Pier 39 were over in Half Moon Bay sun bathing:)

We went at the best time where the tide was super low.
We saw all of the following:

1) sea gull, (2) marbled godwit, (3) rock louse, (4) tide-pool sculpin, (5) turban snail, (6) acorn barnacles, (7)

periwinkles, (8) small limpets, (9) striped shore crab, (10) gooseneck barnacles, (11) chitons, (12) mussels, (13) aggregating sea anemones,

(14) hermit crab in turban snail shell, (15) ochre sea star, (16) larger barnacles, (17) lobster, (18) surf grass, (19) encrusting sponge, (20) brittle

star, (21) purple sea urchin, and (22) assorted seaweeds.

Tide Pool Film
By: Brady Norman

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Dan and Laura said...

Once again- I love seeing your fun site (or sight) seeing adventures! Live it up!