Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

June 18th was my special day!

I had such a GREAT birthday! I just want to say thank you sooooo much to all my family and friends for my great gifts and birthday wishes. I started the day by waking up to cute birthday streamers in my room put up by my cute husband. Then Brady and I went to this great little restaurant by our house for breakfast. They make the BEST hash browns! After breakfast I had to come home and get ready to go to school. I had my last final on my birthday. Good news is that I did really well on it! Also my friend Niki in my class made me the best cupcakes and my class sang happy birthday. When I got home from school and got to open a whole bunch of presents! Then Brady and I got ready and went to dinner at a little cute Italian restaurant in West Portal called Spiazzo’s. After dinner we went to see WICKED! It was AMAZING! I’m so happy we went. (Brady and I are in Utah and I forgot our camera, so pictures of my great day will have to follow a little latter) Really I had such a great birthday.