Monday, June 30, 2008

Canyons Resort

Brady & I just spent this last weekend celebrating our 1-year anniversary up at the Canyons Grand Summit Resort.  It was so beautiful!  We had fun riding the Gondola up to the Red Pine Lodge and hiking up and around the canyons.  We also enjoyed some wonderful meals at The Cabin Restaurant (We had the best steaks there).  The Canyons Resort is so pretty and all of the hotels are absolutely beautiful.  It was so nice to drive up to Park City and just relax for the weekend and enjoy the scenery. 

Grand Summit Lodge


The Mountains are so BEAUTIFUL!

I love WILD Flowers!

View from Gondola Ride

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Brady and I have been married one year today!  It's crazy how fast this last year has gone by.  Looking back on our wedding day, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day!  I am so lucky to be married to such an amazing guy like Brady.  He is always thinking of my needs and how to make me happy.  I love you so much babe!  Thank you for an amazing year!  I can't wait for the next years to come.  

Here are some pictures of our special day






Thursday, June 26, 2008

Picture Taking

I'm so excited! On top of having a wonderful birthday this year, my cute husband gave me the best present! Brady got me a new Nikon D60 camera for my birthday (Thanks Babe!). I still have to watch my Nikon School DVD's and attend my camera classes at Inkley's to learn how to work the thing, but I'm still so EXCITED! I've been taking pictures like crazy around the house. I've probably taken 50 or more just of our puppy Lilly. For future references: all future pictures posted on our blog will be taken with my new amazing camera:)

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Little R&R at Lake Powell

Brady & I just got back from Lake Powell. We had such a great time boating, water skiing, wake boarding, tubing, sand dune jumping, cliff jumping, and sun bathing with the family. Megan had her farewell this past Sunday and everyone came into town for the occasion: the Jackson's from Minnesota, Matthew, Heidi, and Owen from Kentucky, and Blake from Virginia. It was so much fun having the whole family together! We will miss Lake Powell but we'll miss our family more!

src=""Boat'n in Powell

Ellie teaching us the ropes

Everyone say CHEESE!

The Cutest Nieces and Nephews!
Caden Ellie
Jocelyn Owen

Brady snuggling with Owen, Ellie, and Caden
(Such Cute Babies!)

Jocelyn, Bryndy, and Ellie on the tube

Backflips in the sand dunes

Me Skiing
(It wasn't glass, but it was still so much fun!)

Makenzie, Bryndy, Brady, Blake, and Matthew getting ready to cliff jump.

Monday, June 2, 2008

It's About Time!

We're finally BLOGGERS! So I finally decided to start Brady's and my blog. I was going to start it once we moved to San Francisco, but things will probably be a little too hectic for a while so I’m starting now. I’m just getting the hang of blogging so please check in now and again for new posts about what’s happening with us. Enjoy our new blog!