Sunday, June 26, 2011

Carmel By the Sea

Over Memorial Day weekend Brady and I went down to Carmel. We couldn't have asked for a better weekend. We had a wonderful time seeing all the beautiful sights!

On our way down we stopped by this amazing beach that our friends told us about.
You hike down a little path and then get to this beautiful beach that is surrounded by cliffs that block the wind and keeps you nice and toasty:)

After making a little detour to the secret beach we finally made our way to Carmel.

We stopped in the park for a little picnic.

After lunch we started the beautiful 17 mile drive.

1. Bird Rock

2. White Sand Beach

3. Spyglass Golf Course

Brady was in heaven with all the amazing golf courses.

4. Cypress Point Golf Club
The greens are immaculate!

5. Crocker Grove "Oldest Cypress Tree"

6. The Lone Cypress

7. Pebble Beach

Lookout on the 17 mile drive
After the 17 mile drive Brady and I walked Ocean Avenue in downtown Carmel, stopped by the Cottage of Sweets:) and finished the walk at the beach.
We will definitely be back to Carmel soon!