Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Vacation: Typhoon Lagoon

Our second stop in Florida was Disney's Typhoon Lagoon water park.  I love water parks and a Disney water park was the BEST!  Eden loved splashing around in Ketchakiddee Creek and Brady and I loved bodying surfing in the wave pool. 
We had so much FUN!

Eden getting her feet wet

Playing in the sand
(It was so soft)

Eden and Brady getting splashed by the sand castle

Love these two!

Walking through the tunnels
Edee has the best Dad!

So much to see

Lilo & Eden

This the the incredible wave pool in action
The waves are 6 foot high surf waves!

Eden enjoying the lazy river in her dora shade.
She loved to chew on her steering wheel:)

Love this little girl!

Running from the waves
Hosted by NAUI, snorkel through an unheated, saltwater reef populated with stingrays, bonnethead, leopard sharks and tropical fish.

Brady getting ready to go for a dive
So happy Brady talked me into going!  It was so much fun!

Until next time:)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer Vacation - Kennedy Space Center

To celebrate Brady's graduation from dental school and our 5 year wedding anniversary we decided to go to Orlando.  It was a jam packed vacation full of sight seeing, amusement parks, treats, tolls, alligators, and plenty of sunshine.

 Our first stop was Kennedy Space Center

 Going to the moon

 Eden and Brady waiting in line for the bus tour.
She's very excited!

 The first stop on the tour: Look out of the launch pad

The second stop on the tour: Apollo flight simulator
The computers are the real computers from the first launch
 Next we came out into a huge warehouse to see the real thing!
The whole time I kept thinking about the movie Armageddon:)

 Snoopy and all the newspaper articles about man landing on the moon.
We took a picture of the San Francisco Chronicle

I couldn't believe how big it was

 Eden on the bus taking in all the sights

 This is the building were they keep the rocket ships.  This building has the largest garage doors in the world.  The door takes 45 minutes to open!

Eden picking out her favorite constellation:)

  Once we got done with our tour we walked around the rocket garden

We are so strong:)

Leaving on a jet plane

Brady and Eden getting ready to see Humble 3D
It was AMAZING!!!

Pod on the moon:)
It was so fun to see all the amazing things from space

 Brady in space:)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lake Merritt Boat Day

Brady found out that Lake Merritt was having a free paddle boat rental day over the weekend.  We took advantage of the beautiful weather over in Oakland and enjoyed a FREE paddle boat ride around Lake Merritt.

Safety First! 
Getting our life jackets on and getting assigned to our paddle boat.

Little E was such a good sport!  
She loved looking at all the different birds flying around and all of the water.

We enjoyed our 30 minute paddle boat ride very much!

Brady taking in the sights

We stopped by the playground that was right next to the lake.  
Eden had many different emotions on the swings:)

Eden and Brady had tons of fun going to all the different slides.

On our way to our car we passed the Fairyland park.  This is a little amusement park over in Oakland that is filled with storybook characters and rides.  

To make our afternoon complete we stopped into Nations for some hamburgers and french fries.  We'd never been there before and the food was just ok, but the rest of our afternoon was fantastic!