Saturday, July 7, 2012

7 Months

Eden turned 7 months today.  

This little lady keeps getting sweeter and sweeter!

 Eden stats are around:

Weight: 15 pounds
Height: 26.5 inches

Some of her new talents are:
1. Started eating rice cereal in the beginning of June
2. Said DaDa on June 13th
3. Gives kisses when asked
4. Drinks through straws
5. Figured out her sippy cup
6. Rocks back and forth on hands and knees (any day she's going to crawl)
7. LOVES her Charlie Hope CD
8. Expanded her diet to carrots, sweet potatoes, prunes, bananas, and apples
9. Likes to sit up on her bath mat in the tub and play with her toys
10.Started making some new faces (super funny)

Eden is so good at soothing herself to sleep with her thumb.
I have a feeling we are going to have a hard time breaking her of this habit :)

Eden and Lilly are becoming little buddies.  
Eden loves to tease Lilly!  
Lilly has to know what Eden is doing at all times.

We love this little girl:)


Dan and Laura said...

Seriously! She's so pretty! What fun new things she's doing!

mnjacksons said...

so stinkin cute

Jenny said...

so cute Eden!!!