Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's Halloween Time

Our Little Lilly as a Lady Bug
She hates that I make her dress up

We started the celebrations early this year at the Couch's with a scary movie (which I couldn't watch any of), some yummy snacks and some great pumpkin cravings.
Thanks guys! We had such a great time.

Little Pirate Ben

Brady almost finished with his masterpiece.

From Left to Right (Jon's, Jason's, Brady's, Mine, Jon Haynie's)

They all turned out so great!

Next on our Halloween schedule was our ward Harvest Party
Here are some of my young women setting up games for the party. The young men and women were in charge of games and did a great job!

All of the little ones had the cutest costumes ever!
We had appearances by one of snow whites dwarfs,

Little fairies and lady bugs,

And even a fire fighter!

Brady was a good sport and played the Whip Cream Mystery game.

The donut on the string game was very popular and really funny.

After the ward party we came home and got ready for a party at the Woolwine's
Some muslin from my school supply was put to good use:) The costumes must have been good because we were scaring Lilly.

The Mummies

The Bellisarios
Mark was a pirate, Lisa was a parachuter, and Baby Lucy was a glow worm

The Hulmes
Were so creative and came has the N and J line of Muni

The Larsens
Came as LA gangsters

The Woolwines
Kristy was a vampire and Woods was Michael Jackson

The Brownings
Jon came as a wounded mountain biker and Diana came as a robot.

Baby Liam came as a monkey

The Jergensens
Rachel came as Lady Liberty and Ryan came as Woods.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Fun Ship

Brady and I were lucky enough to go on a cruise this past break. It was so nice to get away and relax in the sunshine:) This was our first cruise and we LOVED it!

We were a little excited:)

While waiting to depart from Long Beach we helped ourselves to a little mini golf.

Our first port was Catalina.

I love this little beach town! It was so much fun walking around and seeing all the sights.

I love sea otters:)

"Del Sol Me Baby" was what we were suppose to say to get these free cool color changing rings, but the girls just gave them to us.

Our Second Port was Ensenada Mexico.
This is one of the largest flags in Mexico.

On our way to the El Bufadora we walked through the open air market.

We even found some church historical paintings:)
How great is this picture!

My cute husband waiting to see the el bufadora in action.

We had to splurge just once.

"Living the life of Riley"

Every night we were greeted by a new friend in our room.