Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Quinn 8 Months

8 Months already!?!?

Quinn loves the beach just like her sister
Caly Girls:)

Some of your new talents are:  
1. You have 6 teeth and LOVE to BITE ME:(
2. You still don't love to eat baby food but you are getting a little better
3. You love to look at your reflection
4. You are still sleeping with me and I think it may be that way forever:)
5. You now fall asleep in your car seat instead of crying 
6.You pretend to cough when you see your GP (your guys inside joke)
7. You started to wave
8. You do your signature move that we've named "WOBBLE WRIST"

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Quinn 7 Months

Q is Seven Months!
This little bird is on the MOVE!!!

 She is crawling, standing, and pretty much trying to walk.

 Some of her new talents are:
1. Said DaDa on November 18th
2. Has two bottom teeth and top teeth are coming in
3. Drinks through straws
4. Loves play peek-a-boo
5. Stands by herself

 Reading to Lilly:)

 Loving Lilly:)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Quinn 6 Months

It's official our baby is a half a year old.  

Quinn has so many funny little faces:)

We think she is pretty cute!

Stats from her 6 month checkup:
Height: 25 inches (14%)
Weight: 15 lb 10.3 oz (39%)
Head: 44 cm (90%)

 Some of her new talents are...
1.This little lady started to CRAWL!
2. She is still getting more of her pearly whites and chewing on everything
3. Take 3 naps a day
4. Started eating oatmeal and baby purees, but not a fan yet
5. Likes to face forward in the front pack
6. Had fun trick or treating with her sister (Daisy & Minnie)
7. You LOVE puffs and real food

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Quinn 5 Months

Our little Quinnie is 5 Months.  
Time is going by too fast!

I know I say this all the time but she really is so smiley!!!

 Some of her new talents are
1. Sits by herself 
2. Rolls over both ways
3. Loves playing with her piano play mat
4. Bottom two teeth breaking through!
5. Blows bubbles
6. Loves bath time with her sister
7. Big enough to swing at the playground

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Quinn 4 Months

I just can't believe it!  
Our little Q is 4 months old!

 This little angel is such a sweetheart!

 Stats from her 4 month checkup:
Height: 24.21inches (27%)
Weight: 13 lb 13.6 oz (34%)
Head: 42 cm (80%)

Quinn is the best little baby!
She loves to snuggle

and be on her tummy!

  Some of her new talents are...
1. Plays with her hands
2. Rolls onto her tummy (she hardly ever stays on her back now)
3. Sucks her middle fingers
4. Naps best by her mom (getting better about taking morning nap in pack n play)
5. Loves sleeping on her side
6. Started laughing this month
7. Has the biggest gummy smile
8. Likes to play more with her toys (balls are her favorite)
9. Makes a really high squeal when she's happy


 Edee: "Mom don't take pictures of Quinn, She's bran new!"

 Eden is so sweet with her little sister!  She loves her so much.

Sometimes a little too much:)

Little E wanted me to take some pictures of her as well:)

and Lilly
and all of her "Friends" 

Love my girls!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Quinn 3 Months

This little bug turned 3 Months today!  

 She didn't have a checkup this month but her stats are approximately: 
Height: 24 inches
Weight: 12.5 lb 
Head: 41 cm

 Some new talents are...
1. Blows bubbles
2. Had some of her best blow outs (one all over her mom at church)
3. Getting on a more regular nap schedule during the day
4. Babbles full monologues to us
5. Likes sitting in her bumbo seat (Eden may like it even more)
6. She nuzzles her face into my chest when she starts to get tired
7. Still has bluish eyes (we think they may stay that way)
8. Loves mobiles (especially when she is playing with her sister in her crib)
9. Still hates her carseat but getting better (doesn't cry every time)
10. Loves playing and watching her sister

We love all of her smiles!

Quinn can be very serious;)

 She also knows she' s pretty cute!

 Happy 3 Month Birthday Quinnie Girl
We LOVE you!!!