Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Quinn 3 Months

This little bug turned 3 Months today!  

 She didn't have a checkup this month but her stats are approximately: 
Height: 24 inches
Weight: 12.5 lb 
Head: 41 cm

 Some new talents are...
1. Blows bubbles
2. Had some of her best blow outs (one all over her mom at church)
3. Getting on a more regular nap schedule during the day
4. Babbles full monologues to us
5. Likes sitting in her bumbo seat (Eden may like it even more)
6. She nuzzles her face into my chest when she starts to get tired
7. Still has bluish eyes (we think they may stay that way)
8. Loves mobiles (especially when she is playing with her sister in her crib)
9. Still hates her carseat but getting better (doesn't cry every time)
10. Loves playing and watching her sister

We love all of her smiles!

Quinn can be very serious;)

 She also knows she' s pretty cute!

 Happy 3 Month Birthday Quinnie Girl
We LOVE you!!!

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Laura said...

What a doll! Love that outfit too.