Thursday, January 28, 2010

Christmas Time

I know I'm really late posting these Christmas pictures but if I don't do it now I never will:) Brady and I had a great Christmas vacation! Is it bad that I'm already counting down until next year? I love Christmas time.

My sweet little sister Tess made us a beautiful Christmas ornament from school. This is the card she made for us (She's such a great artist).

We arrived just in time to make it to my annual Procast work party. The food was amazing! We had such a fun time eating and listening to all the great karaoke.

Jais and Drea almost knocked Brady over when we got to the party. They love him soooo much!

Christmas Eve:
It's been a family tradition forever that every Christmas Eve my dad's side of the family goes over to my grams house to eat the most delicious enchilada dinner. She never disappoints!

I love this man!

The Sisters
I don't know what I would do without them!

Christmas Eve we always open a few select presents. This year all the sisters got matching pj's and Tess got the Miracle of 34th Street (Such a cute Christmas Movie)

The Cousins:
Lilly, Gidget, and Titus
They each got a little christmas accessory this year. Some left them on longer than others:)

My dad with his FAVORITE grand-daughter!

Sweet Lilly in her Christmas sweater

All the boys got remote controlled helicopters this year. We should have opened those last! They all lost focus on opening the presents after that:)

Louis and Titus

My funny little Moo

It's the funniest thing about Tess; she gets so many presents for Christmas and always likes the silliest ones the best. This was the only real smile we got out of her all morning. Not when she got her new bike, but when she opened this present full of funny little eraser toppers.

Ty and Titus

Thanks to our cute families! We had such a wonderful Christmas and we owe it all to you!
We love you so much!
Love T & B

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Upholstered Headboard

For a while I've wanted to work on our bedroom decor. I saw a great tutorial on design sponge on how to make an upholstered headboard. I've wanted to add a whimsical printed headboard to our bed for a while. I went to Britex Fabrics and picked out a cute printed fabric, some half ball cover buttons, and fabric to over the buttons with. Here are a couple of pictures I took of the process. I am really happy with the way it turned out!

What You’ll Need:

-Wood for your headboard (depending on the shape you want, you can either buy a pre-cut piece of plywood at Home Depot in a rectangle, or trace a pattern and cut it with a jigsaw or hand saw to fit your desired shape)
-Foam (I used
foam that was 2 inches thick)
-Batting (standard
quilting batting is great)
-Fabric (I bought my fabric at Britex Fabrics)
-Utility knife
Staple Gun (Doesn't need to be electric)
-Carriage bolts, nuts, and washers (for mounting legs to metal bed frame)
-Optional: Covered Buttons (if you want a quilted look)

We went to Home Depot and bought this piece of plywood for about $25 (Thanks Jason and Kristine for letting us use your truck). If you go to the Contractor Home Depot they have a saw there, where they will cut down your piece of plywood to the size you need. I decided to do 8" curves on each side to give the headboard for a more unique shape, but you can leave it square also (Both turn out super cute). I suggest if you decide to do a more intricate shape to have a jigsaw to cut out your design. It will take FOREVER if you use a handsaw.

I picked this cute black, gray, and silver printed fabric for the covering of my headboard

For my covered buttons I used 1- 7/8" ball covered buttons and this black and white fabric.

Steps for Project:

-Cut shape into plywood or leave square
-Attach legs to back of plywood (measure your bed frame and the height you want of headboard) You want to still be able to see the design of your fabric over your pillows

-Lay plywood over foam and trace design.

-Cut out foam and apply to plywood with spray adhesive
-Next lay batting on a flat surface and lay headboard face down. Make sure there is at least 6" of batting to wrap around edges.
-Staple batting around the back of headboard (make sure it is tight and smooth)
-Iron fabric and repeat the same steps of the batting. (You may need to cut slits and fold the fabric to fit your design)

Applying Buttons:

-Cover Buttons with fabric
-Measure and mark placement of buttons
-Use staple gun or nails to fasten down fabric and foam on the places you want the buttons to go
-Hot glue buttons into spaces

Mounting Headboard:

-Mark frame placement on 2 x 4 legs
-Drill holes with power drill for carriage bolts

-Apply bolt, washer, and nuts to legs and metal bed frame notches (Use at least two bolts on each leg)

While I was working on our bed I realized that we needed another bedskirt. We have our bed on risers to make room for more storage. Our cream bedskirt wasn't long enough to reach to the floor, so I sewed this black ruffle bedskirt to complete the look.

The Finished Project:)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas in Seattle

Brady and I were able to spend some of our Christmas break up in Seattle to visit my mom and step dad. My mom and Lane surprised us with tickets to see the play White Christmas at the 5th Avenue theater in Seattle. The play was so great, it even snowed:)
Thanks again Mom and Lane!

The 5th Avenue theater reminded us a lot of the Orpheum theater is San Francisco.

The ceiling was beautiful!