Saturday, August 16, 2014

Quinn 4 Months

I just can't believe it!  
Our little Q is 4 months old!

 This little angel is such a sweetheart!

 Stats from her 4 month checkup:
Height: 24.21inches (27%)
Weight: 13 lb 13.6 oz (34%)
Head: 42 cm (80%)

Quinn is the best little baby!
She loves to snuggle

and be on her tummy!

  Some of her new talents are...
1. Plays with her hands
2. Rolls onto her tummy (she hardly ever stays on her back now)
3. Sucks her middle fingers
4. Naps best by her mom (getting better about taking morning nap in pack n play)
5. Loves sleeping on her side
6. Started laughing this month
7. Has the biggest gummy smile
8. Likes to play more with her toys (balls are her favorite)
9. Makes a really high squeal when she's happy


 Edee: "Mom don't take pictures of Quinn, She's bran new!"

 Eden is so sweet with her little sister!  She loves her so much.

Sometimes a little too much:)

Little E wanted me to take some pictures of her as well:)

and Lilly
and all of her "Friends" 

Love my girls!!!


Rosalie Ringwood said...

Adorable girls!! Love you guys!

Laura said...

Darling darling girls. So pretty! And it's fun to see the big sister love. ;)