Thursday, October 2, 2014

Quinn 6 Months

It's official our baby is a half a year old.  

Quinn has so many funny little faces:)

We think she is pretty cute!

Stats from her 6 month checkup:
Height: 25 inches (14%)
Weight: 15 lb 10.3 oz (39%)
Head: 44 cm (90%)

 Some of her new talents are...
1.This little lady started to CRAWL!
2. She is still getting more of her pearly whites and chewing on everything
3. Take 3 naps a day
4. Started eating oatmeal and baby purees, but not a fan yet
5. Likes to face forward in the front pack
6. Had fun trick or treating with her sister (Daisy & Minnie)
7. You LOVE puffs and real food

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