Friday, February 19, 2010

Point Reyes

A couple of months ago we went to Point Reyes with our friends Kristine and Jason. It was a beautiful day! We went on a little hike and had a nice little picnic.

It was such a pretty hike

Such a goof:)

We even got to see Bambi and his mom

Kristine, Jason, Ben, & Brady
It's so crazy that we live here!

I can't get over how cute Ben is! He is the best baby!

Ben got a little tired

The Girls

The Boys

I love that you can drive 30 minutes to a beautiful hike and then be back driving over the Golden Gate bridge.


Jason and Kristine said...

That was so fun! Let's put it on the list of things to do again before we move!

wendymaxfield said...

Hey Taisja,
Speaking about how you can't believe you live in San Fran. B rynd has not visited you yet and is missing you. For spring break do you think me and a couple friends could come to San Fran? The dates are March 22-28. Let me know where you two will be. Your blog is so cute I love you guys so much and looks like your having fun.

Dan and Laura said...

Very pretty! Good job seeing the sights while you're there!

Annie said...

Hi Taisja! Sorry if this sounds stalkerish, because it's not meant to. :) I saw your cute chair cushions on Diana Hulme's post about your husband's birthday party that you threw, and they are ADORABLE. If you wouldn't mind, I'd love to know where you got them or if you made them.


..{{bliss in the city}}.. said...

Fun! Miss you guys :)