Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Brady

We had the best time celebrating Brady's 26th Birthday! We had friends over to our house for donuts. Last year we used our crepe maker for the first time to make crepes on his birthday and this year we decided to use our kitchen kettle (steamer, crock pot, and deep fryer) for the first time to make donuts. We used a great family recipe! I was a little nervous to make them but they turned out great (Thanks Wendy for all of your help!)
The birthday boy enjoying some donuts

I had to run all over town to find a donut cutter, but the donut holes were worth it:)

Our kitchen is really little! A little more counter space would have been great.

Kristen and Diana

Alisa, Marty, Jon, Jason, and baby Ben

Mark, baby Lucy, Brady, and Jon Browning

Diana Hulme and Rischel

Diana Browning and Dan Hulme

Thanks to all of our friends that came over and helped celebrate! We had such a great time! I'm so happy that Brady was born:) He is such a wonderful husband and I love him so much!


Jason and Kristine said...

We're glad Brady was born too! Thanks for having us over to celebrate! Those were the BEST doughnuts ever!

Dan and Laura said...

Way to go Taisja lady! They look like a hit! Happy birthday Brady!

Nordhoff Family said...

Happy Birthday!

Colin, Jamie and Presley Kent said...

So I found your blog off of Anjuli's and I am so glad I did!! I'm so sad we couldn't make it for Brady's birthday, Colin didn't get back from Seattle till late, and Presley was not about to share her daddy with anyone! Those doughnuts look quite delicious, what a cute idea! It looks like you guys had a great time! Let get together again soon.

Diana Hulme said...

thanks. those doughnuts were so.good.


Diana said...

oh my gosh take that picture of diana and her horse teeth and double chin off right now please!