Monday, March 22, 2010

Jazz vs. Warriors

For Brady's birthday this year I got him tickets to the Jazz game vs. the Warriors. It was LDS Night at Oracle Arena. They had the missionaries sing the national anthem and a talk with Thurl Bailey after the game.
We drove down with the Warburton's.
We stopped and got some pizza and gelato before the game.

We were surprised at how small the Oracle Arena felt. It says that it holds 19,596, but Energy Solutions feels much larger.

We sat near the Haynie's

Jake and Kim saving us seats down on the floor to listen to Thurl Bailey's talk.

Thurl Bailey talked a little about his conversion to the church and a little about playing in the NBA.

Thurl was so nice to stay after and take pictures and sign autographs for everyone.

NBA players are so much taller in person:)

While waiting to take our pictures with Thurl we saw a couple different Jazz players
Andrei Kirilenko was taking pictures and signing autographs with some kids.

We also saw Paul Millsap and CJ Miles

We tired to get Deron Williams to sign an autograph but he had places to be.

The game was so much fun! Go JAZZ!


Jenny said...

taisjia and brady, what a fun jazz game to go to. that looks like you had a blast.

Dan and Laura said...

WAY cool pictures and celebrity interactions! Jealous!