Sunday, March 14, 2010

Young Women Project Runway

Last month I planned an activity for our young women about modest dress. I set up material for the girls to do a "Modest Project Runway". I bought some brown paper bag wrapping paper, red tissue paper, paint swatches, and decorative packing tape. We divided the girls into two teams with a leader as their models. The girls did a great job creating stylish and modest outfits. Who thought paper bags could look this good:)
Team A
Leaders: Lisa and Bekah
Girls: Katie, Cynthia, Sarah, and Shelly

Team A's Final Garment

Team B
Leaders: Rischel and Stacey
Girls: Joyce, Minerva, and Gina

Team B's Final Garment

Thanks Stacey and Bekah for being such great models!

2010 Modest Project Runway


Lacey Ence said...

This is a great idea and I want to do this with my Young Women. Thank you for posting it!
Love Lacey Ence

Tasty Sensations said...

I am stealing your idea! Love it! Thanks, Taisj!

Dan and Laura said...

Very cute! Way to go!