Tuesday, January 24, 2012


This past Sunday was Eden's first time going to church.
She was all smiles before and after!

She's starting to smile a lot more now when she's awake.

We just can't get enough of her:)

She loves to stretch her little legs:)

We love this little girl.


Dan and Laura said...

This is such a fun age to get them dressed for church. It's like you're dressing a baby doll. :) Too cute smiles!

Devyre' said...

I think she looks like you and her abuelito when he is thinking of doing something naughty!!!

Laurie Marsh said...

she is absolutely gorgeous! What a sweet smile. So fun!

Love you guys!!

Todd and Melissa said...

Love those skinny legs!

Rosalie Ringwood said...

adorable! We love you all

mnjacksons said...

oh Eden your such a cutie pie! When do i get to hold her?