Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Spirit

To get into the Christmas spirit this year we went downtown to Union Square to see the giant tree and Macy's Christmas windows.
San Francisco does so many cute things for the holidays!

The Brownings met us downtown for the festivities.

Union Square Christmas Tree

Macy's windows with cute kittens that can be adopted from the Humane Society.

Cute Browning Family

Little Opal looked darling in her winter coat and hat:)

We also went to the Embarcadero Christmas festival with the Browning's and Couch's.

The girls

All of the Embarcadero buildings are completely covered in lights for Christmas.

Everyone watching the fireworks and the Disney on ice show.

It will be so fun to take Eden next year!


Jason, Kristine, and Ben said...

Great video of the fireworks!! We're going to have to come back and visit next year so we can do this again with Eden! :)

Dan and Laura said...

It's fun to see the different traditions in different cities. Taking Eden will be fun next year! :)