Saturday, January 7, 2012

One Month

Our sweet little Eden is one month old today!
We can't believe how fast time is going by. She is such a sweetheart and we love her so much!

Eden had her one month check up this week and is finally over her birth weight:)
It took a while, but she is finally a whopping 7 lbs and 4 oz.

Some of Eden's nicknames are:
Edee, Baby E, Jelly Bean, Petrie (because she squeaks like a pterodactyl), and milk monster.

Her favorite spot to take a nap is on her dad's chest.
We love that she likes to cuddle!

Shes has so many cute faces!
We call this her serious face when she furrows her eyebrows:)

She is always hungry:)
I honestly think this little lady could eat all day and still want more.

She smiles a lot when she's eating and sleeping.
We thinks it's because she's dreaming about milk:)

We love her so much and can't get enough of her!


Rosalie Ringwood said...

So adorable! We love you. Congrats again

Todd and Melissa said...

She is beautiful! I feel like I want to hold her but you guys are too far away. Katelyn and Eden can be friends at family parties sometimes, except for Katelyn can crush Eden with one of her cheeks.

Jason, Kristine, and Ben said...

She is SO cute! It is so fun to see her with her eyes open. Love all her nicknames too! :)

Dan and Laura said...

She's precious! What cute faces indeed. Thanks for sharing!

Laurie Marsh said...

What a beautiful baby! Thanks for the great pictures. Just love you guys!!!

Brownies said...

Taisja! These are the first pics I've seen! I'm so glad you posted some. Eden Bay, good names. we call our Baylie Bay, and Meg's middle name is Eden. Love it. Congratulations!