Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fun Weekend

My cute mom came to visit a couple of weeks ago.  We had so much fun!  We went out to the De Young Museum to see the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit.  It is so amazing!  Another day we drove down to Napa Valley.  All the mustard seed was out so there was fields and fields of yellow blossoms.  Thanks for coming mom, we love you!
Napa Valley

We stopped and had a little picnic.  This is me trying to balance a grape on my nose.  
My mom knew of a really neat antique store, that had this huge adirondack chair in front of it.  There was a sign not to take pictures but we couldn't resist.

Castle De Amorosa
We went to this amazing replica of an Italian castle in Napa.
It even has a real moat and drawbridge!
The disney movie Bedtime Stories was filmed here.  This is part of the movie set.

Brady and I sitting in the beautiful banquet hall.
The castle had a really torture chamber.
It was creepy to see all the things they used to use to torture people.

Brady playing with the chickens:)


Todd and Melissa said...

Sometimes I really wish you weren't the cutest! We really miss you guys!

Eric & Billie Tyler said...

That looked like sooo much fun!!!! You two are so cute also. I love those black and white pictures. I hope we get to see each other sometime soon. I am going to Utah for 2 weeks this summer. Miss you!!!!

Jenny and steve said...

taisja, hey its jenny metcalf. can you email me your adress mailing. im getting married, finally. how are you? it looks like you and brady are doing well in san fransico. hey i talked to davina fear's husband the other night. they are in my stake. i told him that she did your wedding pictures. taj, you are BEAUTIFUL. JENNY ,
have a great weekend

Nelson Family said...

WoW awesome pictures! You guys are so cute! Your mom is still so pretty!!!

Jenny and steve said...

taisja, hey girl can you email me your address again, i accidentally deleted it. thanks.