Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sunny Seattle

Over Memorial weekend Brady and I got to go up to Seattle (thanks Mom & Lane).  Almost every time we visit the Emerald City it is raining.  We couldn't have asked for better weather.  It was beautiful and sunny all weekend long.  We got to relax in the yard, kayak around Lake Union, and BBQ.  It was so nice to take a break from school and enjoy the weather and our family:)

Captain Brady

Getting ready to storm the sea.

My cute Mom and Lane

We went to a cute farmer's market in Ballard.  All around the market are really cute boutiques.  We found these adorable party hats in this one boutique.  The hats are called Tuzzie Muzzie.  

They were sooooo cute!  On my list of projects I want to complete.


mnjacksons said...

looked like lots of fun! the hat looks cute on you Taisja!

The Greenwood's said...

oh love the cute hats!!!

Devyre' said...

I love the hats!!! I want one!

Jenny and steve said...

Taisja!!!! what a fun weekend. my mom has a little botique out here in NC and she sales hats like those around halloween. they are so cute and so much fun.

Heather-joy said...

Honestly Taisja you are soooo stinking perfect! I don't get it you really never have an ugly day, it's just not normal. I love the cute hats, I also love that Ty is engaged! So excited for her. Cannot wait to see you this weekend:)