Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Christian The Lion Full version Music Video HQ

My cute sister Tyree told me about this cute story of Christian the Lion.  It is sweetest things I have ever seen. These two guys found this cub lion at Harrods in London.  They bought him and named him Christian. They raised him in Australia. He got too big for their flat so they decided to introduce him back into the wild in Africa. A year later they wanted to go visit him. They were told that Christian wouldn't remember them, but they still went. You can see how happy he is to see them! He even introduced his wife to them. (No I didn't add this music but I love the dramatic effect)


Jason and Kristine said...

what a neat video. That is such a cool story! Makes you want to run out and get a pet cub lion... :)

Bekah said...

OMG I loved that video.. I almost cried!!

Bliss in the city... said...

Hi Taisj!
I saw this on Oprah the other day! It is so amazing!.. I totally teared up.