Monday, September 3, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

For Memorial Day Weekend we decided to meet up with the gang from dental school (Brownings, Couchs, and Haynies) at the Pinnacles National Monument campsite for the weekend.

The campsite was nice because it allowed dogs and had a pool, but it was a little dusty for everyone.
This was Eden's first time camping.  We got a great deal on a tent, sleeping bags and air mattress.  We didn't realize how huge our tent was!  We could fit Eden's pack n play, a queen air mattress and still had extra room.  It was really nice! 

 Too bad E didn't want to sleep in her pack n play and ended up in our bed most of the night:)
Let's just say none of us got that much sleep.

Eden did wake up a happy girl though!
She LOVED waking up in the fresh outdoor air:)

 We just can't get enough of this little girl!

 We may have to try putting our tent up in our living room. Eden loved playing in there with her dad.

 Ben and Lilly

Getting ready to start our little hike the next morning.

Even though the campsite got all the kids filthy and we didn't get that much shut eye, I'm so happy that we all were able to meet up for the weekend.  
We sure do miss all of these friends!

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