Thursday, September 13, 2012

9 Months

9 Months!
Where is the time going?  
This little girl is go go go!
She is such a happy little girl.  She loves crawling around the house, looking at her reflection in the window, and putting EVERYTHING in her mouth:)
Eden thinks she can already walk, so we have to keep an eye on this one.
This Little Miss is FEARLESS!

 Eden had her nine month check up a couple of weeks ago.  Everything went great:)

Here are her stats:
 Height - 28 inches
Weight - 16lb 15.8oz
Head Circumference - 17.32 inches

Here are some new talents Eden has developed over the last month
1. Waves
2. Crawls up stairs
3. Her two top teeth are coming in
4. Dances (we think she looks like a little bobble head)
5. (FINALLY) started to say mama
6. Loves to crawl through pillow tunnels
7. Pulls herself up on/against everything
8. Grabs her own books from her bookshelf
9. Started to point
10. Growls like a lion

No more gummy smile

We love this little girl 
SO MUCH <-------->

Look familiar?

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Dan and Laura said...

She beat Ben to saying "Mama" by a long shot! He's 20 months and just barely said it. Enjoy her cute little voice! :)