Friday, April 1, 2011

Sunnyside of the Beach

80 Degrees and blue, blue sky's have graced our little city of San Francisco this week.
There's nothing better then driving with the windows down and heading to the beach for a little walk along the shore!


My two FAVES!

I love this little pup!

How could you not?

Look at those waves!

We love living by the ocean

We past this little seagull and I thought he only had one leg. I started feeling bad for him:(

Very tricky:)


Tasty Sensations said...

looks so beautiful! we'd love to come visit sometime. So fun to see Brady, thanks for sharing him with us. Owen's still asking if he's going to come back Saturday for his t-ball game, since he is "his coach"

mnjacksons said...

So pretty! hope it stays nice when we are there in a few weeks! So excited to see you guys. love ya