Monday, February 28, 2011

Rischel's Shower

This past weekend Diana and I threw a baby shower for our friend Rischel. It was so fun to get together with friends, snack on delicious food, catch up, and open gifts.
Thanks for everyone who could make it. We are so excited for Rischel!

I fell in love with these invitations and was just waiting for the opportunity to make them. I made some alterations of my own and loved the way they turned out!

For the Thank You favors I made mini french bread and fresh strawberry jam.
First time making freezer jam. I couldn't believe how much SUGAR the recipe called for.

For the game prizes we picked up some adorable gift cards from Anthropologie.

Delicious French Bread
Mini Loaves

Calla Lillie's
One of Rischel's favorite flowers

I loved the gray, white, tan, and hint of pink color scheme.

Thanks to Diana, Jon, and Brady for cutting out all of the cute flags, tags, and hearts!

I came across these little sweets and couldn't resist making them for the shower.

Mini Cadbury Eggs
So happy it's Easter time:)

Tasty Croissant Sandwiches

Anthropologie has the cutest gift boxes ever! I thought it would great to mix them in with my tiered stands for the table.

Raspberry Sherbet Smoothy

Diana made the most amazing fruit kabob displays!
I LOVE fresh fruit!

1. Eat, 2. Games, 3. Gifts:)
1. Eat

2. Games
We divided the guests into 3 groups and played baby pictionary. This was my first time playing this game at a shower and it turned out great! All the words were geared toward baby things.
So many artists:)

Lisa and Angela

The other sweet baby Lily:)

Baby Emma

Anisha & Max

We were so happy that Rischel's mom came out from Washington for the shower!

Rachel and Avery

Beautiful baby Opal modeling one of the darling headbands Rischel got as a gift from Palmer.

Diana B and Opal.
Thanks for all of you help D! I wouldn't have been able to do it without you!

Anisha and Max
Love this picture!

3. Gifts

We had so much fun watching Rischel open all of her great gifts for her and her little girl!

We are so excited to meet Rischel and Jon's little girl in just a couple of weeks!
You guys are going to be great parents!

Thank you to everyone who made it!
It was so fun getting all the girls together:)

Thanks to Diana Browning and Diana Hulme for taking some pictures!


Bekah and Kyle said...

Such a beautiful shower!! Great job:-)

lindsay marie said...

beautiful...wish we had been feeling better. (ever since getting put in nursery, I am sick every month). I love those anthro gift boxes too. I want to collect them. :)

The Giauques said...

OMG! Such a cute shower! I am completely impressed by your decorative talents!

Dan and Laura said...

You are unreal! How long does it take to get all this together? Very nicely done!

mnjacksons said...

you go all out! so cute.

Brownies said...

so cute. you need to have one of those...(baby). tell brady he is OLD!

The Giauques said...

OMG! Such a cute shower! I am very impressed with your decorative talents!

bryndmax said...

Please email me your skills they are amazing. Gamma could really bloom if I was as talented as you! I love the color scheme and the food looks delish. You are the best ever! Loved seeing you for five minutes and remind B-rad to practice ping pong instead of helping you with showers! Ha Ha love you both!

Diana Hulme said...

i loved it! :) thanks for everything...what a fun party.

p.s. a while back, i stockpiled a bunch of those anthro gift boxes. i have a huge set now just waiting to organize a shelf in our new place. :)

Rischel said...

Thank you! Thank you! I still can't believe how dreamy that baby shower was. You are an amazing friend.

Holley and Luke Burbank said...

Taisja- you are incredible. i want to be you... your decor and perfect little details are soo awesome. cutest shower!