Monday, December 13, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. We had our first Thanksgiving at our home! My mom and step-dad came down from Seattle to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. We are so thankful for so many blessings in our lives (especially family!)
We had a wonderful holiday full of memories and wonderful food:)
The boys helping to get the table set

My darling mother!
Not very many women cook in their high heels:)

My mom and Lane went on a run and came back with these beautiful flower and other things to make a pretty table centerpiece.

I was so happy that we got to use some of our table lines and other items we got for our wedding!
The centerpiece turned out really pretty with some candles my mom bought for me
Amazing Thanksgiving Feast
Even in my small kitchen my mom cooked the BEST Thanksgiving dinner. We brined the turkey and it turned out AMAZING! She added cinnamon and chili into the brine which gave the turkey and gravy a terrific taste.

Love you Mom!

Even Deuce came down to celebrate

After dinner we sat down and played a game of Mexican Train
We LOVE this game!
Lilly in her turkey coma:)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Dan and Laura said...

What a fun and beautifully decorated Thanksgiving! My family also LOVES playing dominos and mexican train. :)