Sunday, December 5, 2010

49ers vs. Rams

Our great friend Bryan was nice enough to get us some tickets to see him in action against our 49ers. We had such a great time! The game was amazing! We can now check going to Candlestick Park off our to do list:)
Thanks Bry!

Rams vs. 49ers.
Candlestick Park
I was told that it is always freezing here so I made Brady dress warm, turns out it was a record hot day of 88 and we were dying of heat:)

There is this awesome escalator going up to the stands

Brady was in HEAVEN!

View from up top
Such a BEAUTIFUL day!
The parking lot was full of tailgaters.
I've never seen tailgating like this before!

Warm-ups and stretching

They had a youth cheer leading performance
Bryan is stretching right below the S

Getting pumped up for the Niners to come out:)

Bryan is right in the middle on the SF logo

It was also fun to see Ty Rees and his family that came out to San Fran for the game

The game was so close!
After the game we walked down to the field to say hi to Bry.

Brady striking the Heisman Pose:)

Bryan and Nicole after the game
It was so great to see Bryan and catch up for a little!
Great game Bry!
Thanks for letting us come and watch!

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Dan and Laura said...

It's always good to check "little" things like this off your to do list... AWESOME!!! :)