Sunday, August 15, 2010

Enjoying the Sunshine

While other people are enjoying a hot summer, here in San Francisco we are enjoying the coldest part of the year:) We literally jump for joy when we get to enjoy a sunny hot day. A couple of weeks ago Brady and I were able to enjoy such a day. We packed up Lilly and drove to Ocean Beach. I love living so close to a beach. We really need to take advantage more!

The waves were so pretty

Always by her Dad
We've lived here 2 years now and were lucky enough to each find a whole sand dollar on the same day.
We were so excited!

My little Lilly's paw prints

Mr. and Mrs.
Our love

This cute little pup wanted to play with Lilly, but she's a "little" high maintenance and didn't really want to.

We can't wait for the sunshine to come out and greet us with its presence again!


Dan and Laura said...

Beautiful pics! I bet the water is still freezing even in the Summer.

Theler said...

Is that the beach we went to with you guys? We found a whole sand dollar there too! We miss you.