Friday, July 16, 2010

Tanner Park

While we were in Utah we went to Tanner Park. It's is a really neat dog park! We brought the whole gang, packed a lunch, inter-tubes, and had a great time!
Sorry about all of the pictures, we were having so much FUN!
Starting of the park.
My Baby Lilly
Setting up our little picnic
Lilly got really hot on our walk and wanted to cool down

Reached the end of the park.
Lilly must have been really hot because she got into the water.
She never gets in the water in San Fran.

All the puppies playing in the water.
Trying to blow up our inter-tubes
Tess got a head start:)

I love our Lilly
She's so CUTE!

Ty and her babies

Bother and Sister
It was a team effort but we finally finished the inter-tubes!

Brady and Tess getting ready to slide down the tunnel

Where is Tess?
The current was so strong it was hard to keep a hold of your tube.

Brady was the only one that could stay on the tube:)

Me and Ty getting ready for out turn
The water was FREEZING!

Taking a break for lunch and to warm up.
Brady and Tess hiking over for their 2nd try

Newest addition to our family
Baby Allie (Tess's little girl)

Tess coming out of the tunnel.
Second try: still couldn't stay on the tube.

Brady's second time.
What a Pro:)

Third times the charm for Tess.
They made a train coming down the third time.

Tess lost one of her flip flops coming out of the tunnel the first time. We had to improvise a shoe for the hike back to the car with the packaging from the inter-tubes.


Rischel said...

This looks like so much fun! you and your sisters are so cute, and I love the shoe you made for the hike back

Dan and Laura said...

What an adventure! How fun! That tube slide looks awesome!

Jenny said...

Taisja, your lil dog lilly is sooo cute, what kind of breed is she i have a lasa-poodle mix named archie.
looks like yall had a great time
have a great weekend.

Brownies said...

The bag-shoe is too funny!