Saturday, April 10, 2010

USCF Intramural Champions

The Buccal Ballers are the new champions of UCSF Intramural Basketball!
They were 9-0 for the season!
Great Job!

Championship T-Shirt

Dan, Jesse, Sam, Manjeet, Sukhy, Brady, and Ernie


Colin, Jamie and Presley Kent said...

I found your blog!! Send me you email address so I can invite you to our blog!!

Colin, Jamie and Presley Kent said...

PS Presley keeps saying "Lets go to Brady and Teeeee-sha's house!!". I guess we are just going to have to get together again. Thanks again for Easter dinner, it was wonderful!

Jenny said...

hey taisja, and brady, i hope you are having a great day. i just moved out on my own and im so scared and excited at the same time. taisjia, i love your blog, it is so cute