Saturday, April 17, 2010

D2D Sneak Preview


Donated clothes transformed into one-of-a-kind fashion and home décor, auctioned to benefit those suffering from poverty, homelessness and domestic violence. The St. Vincent De Paul Society started a yearly design event where designers from the bay area transform donated clothing into a new garment that will be auctioned off at their yearly event and all proceeds go to helping people suffering from poverty, homelessness, and domestic violence. I was so excited to be a part of this amazing event.
Please visit their site to learn more

The De Young Museum sponsors the event and hosts a preview for the public to come and see all the pieces for free with music and other entertainment.
It was such a blast!

This is my dress I designed for the event. I deconstructed a pant suit and silk jacquard jacket to make my dress. I also used some beads from another blouse I got from goodwill for the bead work I did on the neckline.

My friend Lauren from school came with me and Brady to the event. We had so much fun looking at all the great garments.

Me, Lauren, Nikki, and Esther
All girls I went to design school with

Me and my dress:)

The committee did a wonderful job grouping all the different designs together.

Lauren, Me, Nikki, and Amy

The Band was really great.

It was a packed house. I can't wait to see what the auction is like.

Esther's Beauty
Nikki's Portrait Coat

Nikki's amazing dress!

Jay Nicolas Sario from this season's Project Runway:)


The Giauques said...

You are so talented! I adore the dress you designed and made. Awesome!!!

Eric & Billie Tyler said...

Seriously, you are so amazing! I am so excited that you are pursuing your dream and really making it happen. I truly admire that. Thanks for being such a great friend!!!!

Dan and Laura said...

Your "Tulip Dress" is beautiful! Congrats on a job well done!

Diana Hulme said...

I absolutely love it! Great job. :)

Jana said...

Wow! You are talented! The dress was beautiful! What a fun event :)

Theler said...

You are so amazing!!! Your dress is stunning! What a wonderful event! Miss you guys!

Jenny said...

I love that DRESS!!!!!! THAT LOOKS LIKE A vintage wedding dress. wat to go. you have so much talent it is beyond me.

Rutter Family said...

Wow,you are very talented.

mnjacksons said...

Taisja your amazing!!