Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Lilly

Happy Birthday Lilly!  Yesterday was our adorable daughter Lilly's 2nd birthday.  She is definitely proving there is such a thing as the terrible two's.  Just days before her birthday she ripped open our garbage, chewed on some of my sewing tools, and jumped onto our table and ate two large pieces of garlic bread.  With all that said we still love her more than the world and are so glad she is apart our of little family.

Day I bought Lilly.  She was so tiny.

I love Lilly's:)

 She loves to lay in the sun

Some how her tongue is always out for the pictures

Lilly loves the beach!


Osborne Family said...

Ha, you guys are just as bad as me and Brad. I love it! Happy Birthday Lilly :)

Jason and Kristine said...

Happy Birthday Lilly! You are so cute!

Devyre' said...

She is still the NAUGHTIEST dog EVER!!!! Dréa is so excited to see her!