Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ward Halloween Party

Brady and I went to our ward Halloween party last Saturday.  We had such a good time decorating our Trick or Treat rooms for the little ones with the Couch's and the Haynie's.  All the kids looked so cute in all of their costumes.  Just a heads up to anyone still looking for a costume, it seems this year Kit Kitredge is the costume to be:)  Here are some pictures of our amazing decorations and costumes. 
Happy Halloween!

I had a couple of moving boxes left over from our move.  There are so many possibilities with a box;)

The Couch's

The Haynie's

Our Spooky Entrance
How cute is my Ghost?

Our GIANT Spider Web.
Brady did a wonderful job making the web.  


The Greenwood's said...

looks like alot of fun!! I love your costmes!! I wish I would of thought of using are moving boxes!!

Sibber said...

I've never seen a cuter pair of dice! Fun times for you all! Love ya!

mnjacksons said...

Love the costumes! So creative!

The Green's said...

How fun that your ward does that! That is cute that the kids go around to all the different rooms and you guys decorate them! I love the idea! Your costumes look great!

Heather-joy said...

Taisja Lee this is so cute, your costumes were so creative and I love Brady's spiderweb

Travis and Liz Felix said...

YAY!I found you on here! You guys look great! Travis will be so excited ;)