Friday, August 22, 2008

Welcome to the Bay Area

Brady and I are here in San Francisco.  We've been here for 2 weeks now.  Our place is finally all put together.  Brady took some pictures of our apartment before we moved in all of our things and I've taken some pictures of what it looks like now.  
Enjoy all the pictures of our cute new home!

Our Apartment

Some of our cute decortations

Living Room Before

Living Room After
(My mom painted this yellow wall for us when she was in town last weekend)

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Dining Room

Stair Case

View to upstairs with Lilly saying hello:)
My cute mom painted this green wall for us also (Thanks Mom)

The Bathroom

Bedroom Before
Bedroom After
Finishing touches
(Our cute new night stands and mirror)

The Office
Office Desk
 (Thanks for helping me organize everything Ty)

Sewing Table
So thats our place:) We would love more visitors so come and see us!
Love T & B
 P.S. Dad, Mom, Ty, and Tess thanks for coming and seeing us and for all the help!  We appreciate it sooo much!  We love you!



Berns and Shea said...

your house looks just precious! We would love to come visit once we are settled into our new house!

Sarah Jane said...

Your apartment is so cute! You all did a fabulous job decorating it. I hope you have a great time while you are there. I'm especially jealous of your sewing room, looks like fun!

mnjacksons said...

I love it T and B. it is so cute. hopefully we will get to see it in real life someday. Good luck with school guys. love ya

Sibber said...

What a darling apartmento! Parabens! Good luck in the bay area! It will be so fun for you guys! Go to the warf and get some sourdough bread for us! LOVE that stuff! Te amo!

Osborne Family said...

Your house looks way cute... Good luck with school you two. You will both do awsome!

Devyre' said...

I love you apartment! All of you did just a great job decorating. Dre’a was very excited to see Lilly in her new home. See ya!!

Brownies said...

I am so glad you made it! I've been checking your blog to make sure you guys were A-OK. How far away is SF from LV? I think it's like 8 hours....
love ya!

Dan and Laura said...

Umm- can you cone decorate our place?? :) You guys have done such a great job with that! Hope to see you guys at Christmas time. good luck with everything!

The Greenwood's said...


Holley and Luke Burbank said...

oh you guys your place looks so awesome!!!

Heather-joy said...

Taisja oh my gosh I love it!!!! I want to come and see it soon. Love you lots and lots and I miss you so so so so so much!

xoxo h.

Bliss in the city... said...

Taisja Lee! Your apartment could not get any cuter! And it looks like you guys had so much fun when your family was there. I miss you so much. Can't wait to see you!
xoxo Jen

The Green's said...

Your apartment is to die for! I love the outside and the inside is so darling! I was wondering what was going on and when you were leaving. I'm sad we didn't all get together before you left. Maybe when you come into town next we can go to dinner or something! Good luck with school!!!

Todd and Melissa said...

Cute house! We are still waiting to unpack all of our things. I am jealous you are all moved in.