Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom


When my mom and sisters came out to visit us a week and half ago we went to Six Flags.  The weather was so amazing and we had such a great time at the park.  We were able to ride all the rides (even the scary ones) and see so many amazing animals.  

Brady, Mom, Ty, Tess, and Me

Brady & Moo getting ready to ride

Mom & Ty before riding KONG

Aftering riding a couple of rides we took a break and went to see the dolphin show.
They're so amazing!

We were all getting a little hot so we decided to cool off by riding on Monsoon Falls

Ty and Moonie

The heat was starting to get to us:)



The park is so much fun because you can ride all the rides and then take little breaks and go see the amazing animal shows.  

After riding all the rides at least twice we went over to see all the animals.

Flamingo Lagoon

Walrus Experience
(This was the most playful walrus I have ever seen, it would swim right up to the glass and push it's head right next to us.  They we're so cute!)

Tiger Island
All of the animals were out playing with each other, running around, and swimming in the water.

Lion's Den

Safari Pass
(The giraffe's were really hungry!  Brady was trying to throw them some tree branches)


abap said...

How much did you guys pay for Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Tickets. Any discounts if we go in larger groups say 10-14.

Devyre' said...

Are you sure Tessy was tall enough to go on the Kong ride? Her head looked like it was squeezed weird. Well I guess if Tyree was tall enough Tessy was. Glad you all had so much fun. See you soon!

mnjacksons said...

looks like so much fun.

Osborne Family said...

ok so I thought that the two of you are suppost to be in school.... study study study? Looks like your having a blast, I'm glad your having fun:)