Friday, July 18, 2008

Bear Lake

Brady and I went to Bear Lake with the Maxfield side of the family this past week.  We had such a good time boating, hiking through Minnetonka Cave, and eating delicious raspberry shakes! I Love Bear Lake!  The water is so blue and this year we were lucky it wasn't very cold. We really should go up more often.

My Cute Husband Boating!

Bryndy and me waiting for the tour of the Minnetonka cave to start.

Brady and me in the opening of the cave.

Brady and me in the Minnetonka Cave

The cave was so amazing! 


mnjacksons said...

Looks so fun! i wish we were with you guys. You have to have a rasberry shake- they are the best. love ya

Bliss in the city... said...

Taisja Lee! I first have to say that I miss you SOOO much! We have to get together soon. Our time is running out and it makes me sad.
Your Bear Lake pictures are cute! It looks like you and Brady had lots of fun.