Saturday, June 8, 2013

18 Months Already?

Our little Eden Bay turned 18 months yesterday.  We can't believe she is already so big!  We celebrated her half birthday with streamers and donuts.

 Eden is changing and growing so much every day.  
Dear Eden,
You are officially a year and half old.  You are Miss Independent!  You want to do everything by yourself right now (something I know isn't going to go away). You love music, dancing, and singing more than anything else (well maybe not as much as food).    You are starting to talk a little more.  Right now your favorite words are: up, out, baby, agua, Lilly, Mama, this, and no.  You've been really wanting to use the potty.  You have been pretty good at going on the big potty when you wake up from your naps, when you get up in the morning, and before you go to bed.  You have such a tender heart.  Summertime is hear and you love popsicles, going on walks in your bare feet, and playing in the water.  Thank you for being such an amazing, funny, sweet little girl!
Love, Mom, Dad, & Lilly

 Eden's half birthday just happened to fall on National Donut Day!

 We thought we would take advantage of the free donuts and introduce Eden to her first Krispy Kreme.
Needless to say she LOVED it! 
No we didn't let her eat the entire donut.  I think she would have been sick.

Family Selfie

Eden's favorite game is Stop & Go

Playing her piano

Dancing and Driving


Dan and Laura said...

She's pretty much darling! What a fun age!

Ashley R said...

Aw, so precious!!!

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