Tuesday, April 2, 2013


 We had a little Easter photo shoot on our patio.  We can't get enough of this little lady!
She is getting so BIG!

Eden is almost 16 months!!! 
She is always MOVING.  She LOVES to dance.

Eden loved hunting for her Easter eggs this year.

 Edee's hair is getting pretty long ( I really don't want to cut it!) but luckily it has a little curl to it. 
I was really surprised that she left her headband on while I was taking these pictures.  They usually stay on for about 5 seconds.

 She really is such a sweetheart!

 Eden's new favorite thing is looking at and watering our flowers in our garden. She will point to the flowers outside and say "agua"

She also loves to blow KISSES

We love you baby E!


Dan and Laura said...

That curl in her hair is pretty darn cute! She's a pretty girl-- watch out! ;)

Amanda Kristeen said...

How darling! It's crazy how big these girls are getting! Love all the pictures - I'm kicking myself for not getting any pics of Deborah dying eggs. ;)