Sunday, December 16, 2012

12 Months

Eden turned 12 months last Friday. 
ONE year old! 
She's getting too big too fast!  

  Eden had her 1 year check up last week, and here are her stats:
 Height - 29 1/4 inches
Weight - 19lbs,14oz
Head Circumference - 45.5cm

 New talents Eden has developed over the last month:
1. Eden gives high fives
2. Had her first stomach bug:(
 3. Found out how much show loves Christmas:)
 4.  Says Up (Ua)
5. Says Ball (Ba)
6. Says Bye Bye (Ba Ba)
7. Loves gold fish crackers
8. Ruffs when we read No, No Titus
9. Signs more (not always at the right time)
10. Has a total of eight teeth now

Eden's LOVES to DANCE!!!

 She's even started to lift her legs when she dances now.

 We LOVE you birthday girl!


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