Thursday, November 15, 2012

11 Months

Eden turned 11 months last week.  11 months old!!!! She's getting too big too fast!  
E is the happiest, silliest, sweetest baby (not that I'm biased or anything)

  Eden is getting closer to her 1 year check up, but until then...
Her stats are approximately:
 Height - 29 inches
Weight - 18lb
Head Circumference - 17.75 inches

New talents Eden has developed over the last month:
1. Eden is officially a walker!!!
She took her first few steps when she was 9.5 months but over the last month she has started to walk non stop.  She NEVER crawls anymore.

2. She's learned how to click her tongue and thinks it's so funny.

3. She celebrated her first Halloween (she dressed as an elephant).

4. She got her right upper lateral incisor (she likes to test it out on her crib).

5. She doesn't like to wear any clips in her hair (I'm very sad about this).
6.   She may have gotten a new nickname after this guy:)
 Any resemblance?
7. She LOVES...
To Drink


and chew!!!

Happy 11 months baby girl!




Dan and Laura said...

What a busy girl! You're going to love having a one year old!

Bryndy said...

OHHHHH she be so cute. Miss you all!