Monday, May 7, 2012

5 Months

Little Miss E is 5 months today.
She is learning so many new things and developing such a sweet little personality!

  Eden doesn't get a check up until next month but she is probably around:
Weight: 13+ pounds
Height: 25+ inches

Some of her new talents are:
1. Rolling from her back to tummy
2. Spinning around on her play mat or crib
3. Playing in her exersaucer/jumper
4. Putting everything in her mouth
5. Chewing on her tongue
6. Blowing bubbles
7. Making noises with her lips
8. Sucking on both right and left thumbs (she may be ambidextrous)
9. Reaching for toys
10. Sleeping on her side

She loves her toes!!!!

Eden we love you VERY much! 
 Happy 5 months baby girl.


Jessie said...

Taisja-She is so beautiful! I can't get over how she looks JUST like you!! She is so smiley!

By the way, where do you get all these different little headbands with the little flowers?! Did you make them! If so, can I place an order or do you have an etsy shop?! I love how Eden wears them in each of her photo shoots!!!

Dan and Laura said...

She just keeps getting more and more beautiful! I love the chewing on their toes stage!

B&K said...

I can't get over how gorgeous she is!! Hope to meet her someday:-)

Laurie Marsh said...

Taisja and Brady, Eden is so darling. And I loved the newborn photo shoot! We love you guys!