Saturday, April 7, 2012

4 Months

Eden Bay is 4 months old today.
We just can't get enough of this little girl!

pic name

pic name

pic name

She just had her 4 month check up and passed with flying colors:)
Here are her stats:
Weight: 12 lb 4 oz
Height: 24.5 inches
Head Circumference: 16.1 inches

Some of her new talents are:
1. Laughing
2. Holding toys
3. Grabbing Mom's hair
4. Drooling
5. Loves standing with our support
6. Kicking and splashing in the bath
7. Sings (coos) to herself when she gets sleepy
8. Started to go to bed all by herself at night
9. Balancing better when sitting
10. Likes to play peek a boo

Stay tuned for next month:)


Dan and Laura said...

What fun new tricks! She's so cute and happy!

Rosalie Ringwood said...

Eden is just so beautiful and precious! Love you lots