Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Phone Pics

I love having a camera phone!
Just imagine all of moments we would miss if we didn't have them:)
Here are some of my favorite recent phone pics

Eden is so expressive! I love all of her faces.
(Thanks for the adorable sweater Diana)

We've been having a very sunny winter here in SF, so Eden and I try and take a walk every day.
She usually loves to look around at everything going on outside but...

sometimes she takes a nap too:)

pic name

pic name

pic name
I really can't cut her little fingernails fast enough and hate when she scratches her little face. At first I tried putting socks on her hands, but they would always fall off. So we decided to try these little snow gloves that Heidi gave Eden for Christmas. They work perfect!
I think she looks like a cute little lobster in these pictures:)

Eden is such a good sleeper when she's by her dad:) She slept for her longest ever (4 hours) in his arms.
She loves to snuggle with him!

Even asleep I can't stop taking pictures of this little one!

Our little sleeping beauty


Dan and Laura said...

Oh my heavens! Seriously! She's too cute for words. I can't believe she slept that long (4 hours) in Brady's arms! Their little newborn fingernails can be SHARP.

B&K said...

She's so gorgeous!!! Congrats Maxfield fam:-) We miss you!

Colin, Jamie and Presley Kent said...

She is so beautiful, seriously, she couldn't be cuter. Congrats, we need to get together soon so I can adore her in person!