Monday, September 19, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Over labor day weekend Brady and I went to our friend's wedding out in Grass Valley and then drove up to Tahoe for the rest of the weekend. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! We stayed at the sweetest cottage and enjoyed the gorgeous lake and wonderful weather.

The drive up to Tahoe was so pretty with all of the trees

Scenic Lookout

My co-worker Carly suggested that we stay at these cottages. I'm so happy that she did!
They were amazing!
(They even allowed for Lilly to stay with us)

All the cute little cottages

They had croquet set up in the front and horseshoes in the back:)

We arrived a little before check-in so we headed down the street to the dog friendly
Carnelian Bay Beach

All the pups were having so much fun in the water

Lil and Brady excited to be at the lake

The weather was so nice but Lilly got hot pretty fast

Here she is trying to get some shade from her dad:)

Since it was so hot I decided to take Lilly for her first swim lesson.
She didn't love it, but I think it helped her cool off.

I had never been to Lake Tahoe and I couldn't get over how pretty it was!

So nice being in the sun and relaxing at the beach

After the beach we came back to our cute little cottage

We stayed in the Sierra cottage.
All of the cottages had really cute names and darling little front patios!

After checking in we decided to go on a hike.

The trail was a little dusty, so Lilly got pretty dirty.
Yes we ended up having to give her a bath.

When we got back from our hike our cute little hotel placed late-afternoon treats out on the patio
(Fresh cookies, brownies, and lemonade)
Doesn't get better than that!

Our next activity was a game of horseshoes

I got pretty good after warming up but Brady still won with a

We decided to drive to downtown Tahoe and walk around and enjoy the sunset.

The sunset was AMAZING! I couldn't stop taking pictures

There was a cute little walking path around the lake

Love this little pup!

Love this HUB even more!

These cute little flowers were everywhere. I really wanted to take some home



Before leaving in the morning, we walked over and took one last look at the beach

Tahoe we LOVE you!


B&K said...

Awww T!! Your baby bump is soo adorable!! Congratulations again you three. Lilly is going to make a great older sister:-)

Our Little Family said...

You look so cute!! We miss everyone in SF!! I hope you are feeling well, and that you are having a lot of fun being pregnant!!

Dan and Laura said...

CA sure has some beautiful places! Glad it was such a fun weekend for you two. :)

Bryndy said...

You two are the cutest couple in the entire world. I love the pictures, but not as much as I loved spending time with you the last weekend. I love you so much and feel blessed to have you in my family. Can't wait for the little baby to come.
Love you