Sunday, January 9, 2011

Diana B's Shower

Before winter break we Bekah, Rischel, and I threw a shower for Diana Browning. We had a winter wonderland theme. The shower was so much fun with yummy soup and grilled cheese, treats, and hot coco favors.
We can't wait to meet your little girl!
Diana B.

Sparkling Apple Juice with peppermint sprinkles

I made some hot coco favors complete with hot coco, peppermint marshmallows, and candy cane stir sticks

Mini cupcakes
(Everything is better in mini)

Nothing is better on a cold day than soup and grilled cheese.
(Thanks to Brady who stayed in the kitchen and grilled the sandwiches)

Winter Wonderland Dessert Table

Thanks mom for helping me put all my cute Christmas decorations up!

Diana opening up all of her cute gifts!

All the girls expecting:)

Cutie Pie
Baby Max

Kathryn and Kristine

Whitney, Sarah, and Kathryn

Anisha, Max, and Kristy

Rischel, Robyn, and Berkley

Thanks everyone for coming!

Here are the invitations I designed and made for the shower.
I loved the winter theme!

Thanks Diana Hulme for letting me use some of your pics:)


Jana said...

you guys did such an amazing job. so so cute! sad i couldn't be there!

also, VERY cute blog redesign :) looks great!

emily mcd said...

Oh Taisja you are so flippin' talented! What a gorgeous and fun winter wonderland! You think of every tiny detail and make it look so easy. Fun fun fun.

The Giauques said...

Wow, those invites and everything looks so cute. Great job!

mnjacksons said...

so cute T
love your Christmas Decor too! love you guys

Todd and Melissa said...

I wish you weren't the cutest ever! Maybe you can come throw parties at my house too!

Dan and Laura said...

Wowee! Everything looks beautiful and so fancy!! Well done!

..{{bliss in the city}}.. said...

I love the spread! Everything is so classy! Love the Santa tag on the glass jar...cute :)

kylee said...
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kylee said...

taisja! i'm bryndy's friend and couldn't help but tell you how amazingly adorable that baby shower is. i loved it the very instant she showed me!