Saturday, February 7, 2009

Brady's Birthday

Brady's 25th birthday was this last Thursday the 5th. 
Happy Birthday Sweetie!
Love You!

Both Brady and I had school on Thursday but we had a really nice dinner at Outback.  

On Friday night we had some friends over to celebrate Brady's birthday.  We had delicious crepes with yummy fruit and other dressings.

Brady holding cute baby Ben Couch

Diana and Jon Browning.  Lilly was being totally crazy.  She calmed down when Diana would hold her. Sorry she so crazy guys;)

Rachel and Ryan Jergensen

Rischel & Jon Haynie

Jason and Kristine Couch and baby Ben


Jon trying to get Diana to leave using Lilly's leash.

We had so much fun!  Thanks to everyone that came!


Bekah said...

Happy Birthday Brady!! Sorry again we couldn't make it. :-( My parents surprised us by coming into town yesterday night. But it looks like you had a FANTASTIC night!!

M Helsten said...

Happy Birthday Brady! Your present is coming in the mail soon!!! We love you so much! Brad & Marjorie (& Andrew)